American Airlines Website Review & Ratings + American Airlines Coupons
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American Airlines Website Review & Ratings + American Airlines Coupons

American Airlines : Products & Services

American Airlines operates the website to provide ease to its customers who wish to book tickets for journeys online. The website of American Airlines has proved to be a great hit and provides the much needed hassle free service for ticket booking that passengers require in this fast paced era. The airline offers three categories of flight service:

  • First Class: The premium and pride class of the airline. The seating arrangement offered is one of the best in the airline industry provided the airplane is of newer generation.

  • Business Class: The second best class to fly in, provides a certain level of privacy and ample leg room with good meal and all round good in flight services.

  • Economy/ Coach: This category is for travelers with solely economy in mind. The class is considered very poor when compared to other airlines offering similar category and services.

The website has been designed with a very easy and accessible layout and can be considered a very user friendly website.


American Airlines : Company Background

American Airlines is a subsidiary of AMR corporation and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The airline was developed from the conglomeration of 82 small airlines through purchases in 1930. In 1934 its name was changed to American Airlines and was bought by Transport Magnate E.L Cord who hired businessman C.R Smith to run the company. Smith worked with Donald Douglas and the airline was the first to fly the DC-3. The airline was the first to operate from LaGuardia Airport, New York. The airline has has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the last 78 years of operations. The last decade or so has seen the airline get into a lot of financial difficulty. In 2011 it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Due to the bankruptcy related reorganization the company has informed 11,000 employees of certain job loss. The airline operates its hubs at:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Los Angeles International Airport

  • Miami International Airport

  • O'Hare International Airport

With all these setbacks, the airline still performs decently with its fleet of 605 planes which fly to 205 destinations.


American Airlines : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most consumers have resorted to complain on online forums to make themselves heard about the level of services being offered by American Airlines.

Emma Andrews writes”Very old and worn plane. Seats very uncomfortable and dated. No individual screens, just a select few throughout the cabin. Our seats were changed at the last minute due to operational needs i.e should have been a B777, but was a B767-300 instead. We paid for preferred seats with no one behind us, but got stuck with people in front and behind due to change. I would not fly American Airlines again unless I was desperate.”. Another Stephen Johnson writes “Only reason seat is recommended is if you have to be on this type of plane, an aisle seat is best option. Seat height poor for taller people, cramped overall. 3 drop down TV's for economy and 11 channels of entertainment in this day and age is simply unacceptable, especially on long haul. Not enough aisle room to stretch and of you did, little way to avoid blocking views of TV for others. Ticket cost up, airline margin up, everything else shrinks - customers first - not a chance! Same flight for 20 years - satisfaction steadily falling over last 10 years, as comforts disappear.”.

Reginafug writes on epinions “A mechanical failure can happen at any time, so, as long as the Captain keeps the passengers informed about what’s being done about it, I’m fine waiting it out; it’s the silence and lack of information that angers me. And, the fact that AA immediately booked us on the following flight, made things much easier. Our luggage was transferred three times in each direction, and made it to the final destination and arrived in good condition!.”.

The airline has got a very negative feedback from its customers. American Airlines must do something to improve its fleet, ground logistics and customer services in general if it wishes to get out of the miss it is in right now.


American Airlines : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The airline has no rating or accreditation from the BBB. The Bureau maintains a page to record essential information about the company. The BBB points out 2077 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 740 complaints closed in the last 12 months. The company also filed for bankruptcy in 2011 under chapter 11 which is meant for reorganization. The company is under $3.02 billion of debt as of 2010.

Upon closer inspection, most problems reported were found to be with products and services followed by advertising and promotions. The company operates at least 100 daily flights so such problems may arise in different weather and air traffic scenarios. The company has been operating since 1934 so it is safe to say that the airline is still quite credible and will honor its travel and operational commitments to the best of its capabilities.

The company has its fair share of crisis and downturns but the company has stood the test of time.


American Airlines : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global ranking of 1,379 and a US ranking of 385. Google Page Rank gives the website a 7 out of a maximum 10. Compete gives the website a ranking of 344 and a unique visitor monthly average of 5,346,181. The company is also ranked among highly among its competition. The statistics provided by the website ensure its dominance as a key player in the tourism and airline industry and ensures its popularity.


American Airlines : Social Media Presence

The airline has a very strong presence on social media that ensures that it interacts with its online audience efficiently and effectively. The company uses twitter use name @AmericanAir that has 476,374 followers that need to communicate on a personal level with the company. The company uses this platform to advertise and promote itself. The company also uses its FaceBook page to its advantage as its 535,004 likes ensure a massive following. The page is used effectively to send out season greetings and to further promote the brand and strengthen its image. The company also use sits YouTube channel to effectively promote itself.


American Airlines : Website Security & Safety

The company has ensured a very good level of internet security on its website. Google Safety Diagnostic further strengthens consumer confidence as the website has not been reported for suspicious activity in the last 90 days. The website adheres to the strictest of internet security protocols available such as HTTPS and SSL. The protocols used ensure the safety of consumer financial data from any tampering or wrongful use. The website has maintained its safety record for several years and one can be ensured of security while using the various payment options available on its website.

American Airlines : Pricing & Packages

The airline offers different rates for different services offered. Each ticket may have a unique price depending upon destination, type of travel being round trip or one way and level so services opted for. To get an idea a round trip Business class trip from Los Angeles to New york costs $3,729.60. The rates offered by American Airlines are quite competitive and are not easily matched by its competitors. Rates on offer are subject to change and rates on display cannot be guaranteed until a booking has been reserved and paid for.



American Airlines : Shipping Rates & Policies

The airline issues e-tickets on its website that require no shipping hence no shipping rates and charges do not apply.


American Airlines : Payment Methods Accepted

The airline is very helpful when comes to offering payment solutions. The airline on its website accepts major credit cards such as Amex, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diners Club. The website also allows a financing option subject to approval among many other options. The company offers PayPal, Western Union and e-check to further facilitate passengers who wish not to divulge their financial details to the company.

The website follows the best security protocols there for internet buyers and ensures the financial data put in by passengers remains over secure connection protocols such as HTTPS and SSL. The airline tries its best to ensure consumer financial safety and one can be at ease while making a payment on the website.


American Airlines : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company offers refunds in several ways such as going to the nearest AA office or calling up customer services on 1-800-433-7300 to request a refund. Refunds are usually processed with in 20 working days and are credited in to the credit card used to purchase the ticket. No refunds are offered on non refundable tickets, exceptions are only made when a to be traveler has passed away prior to flying and sufficient evidence is provided.

The company has a straight forward refund policy and due to its world presence it would ensure that the process of refund would go through smoothly.

American Airlines : Product images & screenshots
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